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 Welcome to Mahaffey Motorsports!
I wonder what this kid is going to be doing when he grows up... if he grows up!

I wonder what this kid is going to be doing when he grows up... if he grows up! Maybe that’s why he calls his cars KID STUFF!

Where did Wade go on his drag bike every day... why, down to the Morningside Volunteer Fire Department... where else! Wade had a dragstrip marked off on the firehouse parking lot. Also parked in that lot were cars belonging to the firemen like big block Chevelles, Road Runners, Mach-1 Mustangs, and 6-pack Cudas, all with four speeds. Now across the street was a little 7-11 store where Wade would get the latest edition of "Hot Rod.” Back at the VFD lot, he would read about his drag racing heroes like Sox & Martin, Tasca Ford, Arnie Beswick, Grumpy Jenkins, Dick Landy, etc. That way he wouldn’t miss the fire trucks if they got a call! That was truly heaven. Sittin' beside a bitchin' Road Runner and Chevelle with my drag bike... reading Hot Rod (well, looking at the pictures)... waiting for the house siren to go off... and tearin' up one of those new things called a SLURPEE! Lovin' Life every day! 

At the bottom of each page on Wade's site is his famous quote. And just like in the "Beach Boys" song "When I Grow Up to Be a Man," the song goes, "I dig the same things... that turned me on as a kid.” Now that's just plain ol' cool... that's just Wade Mahaffey.

Welcome to Mahaffey Motorsports! Wade Mahaffey is a former Super Gas and Super Comp Drag Racer who competed on the National Hot Rod Association and International Hot Rod Association tours. He is also a top drag racing Chassis Builder with numerous Best Engineered awards to his credit. Most importantly, Wade Mahaffey is a recently retired Fireman and Emergency Medical Technician, who for 25 years, helped to protect the citizens of Fairfax County, Virginia.

Wade is one of those truly lucky individuals who got a chance to live two of his life long dreams -- being a fireman and a race car driver. An outstanding reputation in both allowed Wade the chance to share his talents and loves with others. His "Kids Stuff" safety education program reaches children from kindergarten to high school. Wade uses his occupation and his hobby as tools to get the kids' attention -- if the race car doesn't get them, the fire engine will! Once the kids are listening, Wade uses real life experience to relate common sense safety guidelines, not only for home safety, but for driving safety also. As someone who routinely drives a race car at more than 170 mph, Wade has the credibility so critical to today's teens.

Another way Wade gets to share his love with others is through Mahaffey Motorsports. Wade has participated in big time drag racing on a national level. He knows what it takes to win, and he knows what it takes to win safely. Wade's race cars feature the latest technology, rock solid safety, and immaculate attention to detail. A string of Best Engineered awards attests to the high quality of Mahaffey Motorsports Race Cars.

Once again, welcome to Mahaffey Motorsports! Please make yourself at home and check out each of our pages. Drop us a line to say hello! We would love to talk about building you a competitive, award-winning race car or component, or just to provide some safety tips. Sponsors, call to discuss our truly unique promotional opportunities. See you at the drags -- and KEEP IT SAFE!

Mahaffey Motorsports
Phone: 240-832-2430

"Lovin' life every day! Drivin' fire trucks at work and race cars at play!"

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