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'60 Corvette Super Stock

This car was a barn find for sure. A friend of mine found this car and I bought it from him. It was an old race car with a straight front axle (gasser type car) that had been sitting for many years and was in really sad shape. I did the necessary research with the DMV and also past owner history. Everything checked out on the car and itís all good. The car sat for a few years on a rolling dolly outside, covered up. I looked at it one day and said to myself, ďYou need to do this car now!Ē I knew I could bring this car back to life, a better life that itís ever known! A life as an NHRA/IHRA Super Stock racer and more! The car will see action/fun in more arenas than the old Mahaffey Motorsports Roadster, and thatís a lot!

Since the car is just about a total build, it is heavily modified but will have a stock outward appearance. During the planning phase, I concentrated on developing a car that could be multifaceted and able to do anything! The car can race NHRA, IHRA national and divisional events, Nostalgia racing, 10.5, local brackets, Super Chevy, Goodguys events, etc. It also can be street driven and participate in cruising events like the Hot Rod Power Tour, Goodguys shows, National Street Rod Association shows, etc. The car is set up for a 283 SBC and a glide for NHRA/IHRA competition, and any SBC with a stick shift for cruising. The little red Corvette also can just cruse the streets of Southern Maryland, do local car shows, and just hang out with some buddies if we want to. Looking for completion in the summer of 2010.

Mahaffey built a rotisserie attachment for the Corvette dolly.  It is the only way to get to every stress crack for a for a complete and proper repair.  Tub installation, filling of unwanted holes, and other modifications are made easier with the ability to rotate the car. 

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