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Wade's Little Ladder Truck!

Wade's little red Hook and Ladder truck is a child's delight!

Wade's little red hook and ladder fire truck is really a unique machine. It was designed and built by Wade himself. Little Red uses a golf cart for power. Mahaffey built the trailer body and the cab from aluminum sheet and diamond plate. The hook and ladder also has the sounds of its big brother. The baby "Q" siren and working scanner radio provide all the sounds needed to make a child's dream come true!

Little Wade drives this machine just like the real one!

The trailer has working rack and pinion steering and that can bring a smile to any child's face. Little Wade handles the rear driving like a pro; at full speed it's no big deal for him. Next year, we hope to make the ladder work and flow water from the tip during parades and other shows!

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"Lovin' life every day! Drivin' fire trucks at work and race cars at play!"

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