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Mahaffey Motorsports race cars have won numerous Best Engineered awards
The Corvette Stingray Roadster wins Best Engineered at MIR

I have been racing since 1995 and have done about everything except win the big one. I have raced in the Super Comp category of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and the Quick Rod category of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA). The classes run on an 8.90 index using a .400 pro tree and a heads up start. Winning the "big one" to me means an NHRA national event. We came close with our roadster and Corvette. The Mahaffey Motorsports dragster built on that success for us and for its new owners.

I also raced in the Super Gas category of the NHRA. The class ran on a 9.90 index using a .400 pro tree and a heads up start. In Super Gas, I finished as high as runner-up at a national open. Several times, I have been to the semi finals at NHRA national and divisional events. I have held the pole position in this big league. At the Keystone Nationals, my Corvette Stingray had the "best package" for the event in Super Gas. The "package" is a combination of reaction time (.400 is perfect) and elapsed time (9.900 is perfect); my package was .404 and 9.909. Thatís thirteen thousandths of a second from perfect! The only thing left is to win the Oscar, and that can't be far off. I am in the "TRW (now Federal Mogul) Grand 900 Club" for Super Gas. This is an elite club that requires a perfect elapsed time of 9.900 seconds on a winning run.

The 1927 Roadster was a two-time "Best Engineered" award winner at NHRA divisional events (1995 Winston Invitational at Rockingham, NC, and at Delmar, Delaware, in 1997). The '27 Roadster also has been a "Best Engineered" award winner in the International Hot Rod Association (1996 Presidents Cup Nationals). The new Corvette Stingray was the "Best Engineered Car" at the 1999 East Coast Doorslammer Open. If you count the International Show Car Association (ISCA), the two roadsters are 14-time engineering award winners! The Ď27 Roadster was ISCA class champion from 1991 to 1995, until I stopped showing to start racing.

The 1927 Roadster was no stranger to cameras and lights. It has been featured on the television show "NHRA Today" and on the CBS Sunday morning show "Capitol Edition." The '27 Roadster was featured in several magazines, including Drag Racing Monthly, Street Rodder, "Hot Rod" Show World, Show Stopper, and Specialty and Custom Dealer. Now thatís not counting countless photos in National Dragster, Drag Review, Drag Racing USA, Bracket Racer, and many newspapers this side of the Mississippi River. As the designer, builder, and driver of both cars, I am very proud of my achievements and the well over 100 awards I have won. The Corvette Stingray has been featured in Drag Racing USA.

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